“Fallin also said she supports Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s lawsuit against the health care law, which asserts the federal government doesn’t have the authority to provide tax credits to poor and middle-class people through exchanges that the government runs, instead of states.”
I agree.
And: “Life’s no ordeal if you come to terms,
Reject the system dictating the norms

From dehumanization to arms production,
To hasten the nation towards its destruction
Power, power, the law of the land,
Those living for death will die by their own hand,”
~A perfect Circle – Annihilation
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I really wonder what happened to Powell, I was under the impression that he had conscience issues. Yet his endorsement of Obama shows otherwise.
Then again he wouldn’t be the first person to have fallen beyond much of any point of reason.
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Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor.


This is one of the sickest things possible imo. But Professor Julian Savulescu says this is voluntary opposed to the Nazi Eugenics Movement. I do not advocate making this illegal, I want social pressure to make people opt out from dabbling …
in this, nothing more.
If the majority of influential human(s)/groups supports this then our race will simply have to suffer the consequences, just like the moment, because this isn’t just new, it has already been happening, genetic manipulation, in more ways than what is suggested here.

If they succeed, then hopefully my blood will not survive this, and they will have to deal with the pestilent world they create, for a time, without me.

“If Romney were to win with Ryan on the ticket, he would have a mandate to make sweeping changes not only to the size of government, but to programs like Medicare and Medicaid that are products of former President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program.”
This sounds much better than Obama, and don’t forget Ron Paul in the end has the greatest influence of almost anyone on the planet, don’t forget that.

It seems the Great Society Program has been inspired from the New Deal Domestic Agenda by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He to great extent was responsible for the development and consectuvily the use of two of them on Nagasaki and Hirushima.
Also he ordered at least a 100.000 japanese americans to be put in concentration camps in the USA. Of which many died. they committed genocide on japanese people in the US.

Scared little brats whose bloodlines likely end up eliminated in due time.
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publik schools in general are failing everywhere, they are fail as a general rule.
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I wouldnt mind both my hands being bitten/cut off. It kinda destroys their ability to really harm you much beyond that point.
Like hey I hate you handless person I am going to torture you and uhmm enslave you forever while you toil and toil until there is nothing left but a bruised body and swollen eyes.
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It’s either one of three cases basically:

1 He was murdered.

2 He died because of some form of intoxication such as alcohol consumption, which is a fault of this criminal society that we have created as a collective cursed species.

3 The elevator malfunctioned, and people shouldn’t even use elevators unless absolutely needed imo. Why do they even exist in flats where people aren’t handicapped? Resource hogs is what they are.
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