“If Romney were to win with Ryan on the ticket, he would have a mandate to make sweeping changes not only to the size of government, but to programs like Medicare and Medicaid that are products of former President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program.”
This sounds much better than Obama, and don’t forget Ron Paul in the end has the greatest influence of almost anyone on the planet, don’t forget that.

It seems the Great Society Program has been inspired from the New Deal Domestic Agenda by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He to great extent was responsible for the development and consectuvily the use of two of them on Nagasaki and Hirushima.
Also he ordered at least a 100.000 japanese americans to be put in concentration camps in the USA. Of which many died. they committed genocide on japanese people in the US.

Scared little brats whose bloodlines likely end up eliminated in due time.
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